Injured Workers Outreach Services

HDIWG partners with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board to provide Injured Worker Outreach Services (IWOS) is a program funded by the WSIB that provides free confidential information, advice and education to injured workers and their families who have been impacted by a work-related injury or illness. 

We can assist you in learning about:

  •  File a WSIB claim
  •  Understand your rights and responsibilities
  •  How to work with the WSIB to manage your case effectively
  •  Understand what your options/responsibilities are
  •  Information and Education about how files are handled
  •  Learn about what information is in your file and how to use it effectively
  •  Support and referrals to community resources, legal, personal, medical, and financial supports
  •  Educational Workshops on various topics related to injury/recovery
  •  Join a Peer Support Group, or meet one on one with IWOS staff
  •  Support for Return to Work planning
  •  Find out about how LOE, LRI, NEL, PI and CPPD impact your life
  •  Develop a plan to discuss your concerns with WSIB to ensure you get the best outcome
  •  Find out where you can go to get additional resources or representation for an appeal at WSIB or the WSIAT.

There is no cost for this confidential service, call or email us to access our services. 

905 543 9090

1 877 543 1775