A Worker’s Experience of Workplace Injury

Marvin Mulder Hamilton & District Injured Workers Group

April 28, 2019

Good afternoon, On behalf of the Hamilton Injured workers group. I would like to extend our condolences to all those that have lost loves or suffered a workplace injury due to a workplace accident. I would like to thank the Hamilton & District Labor Council for the opportunity to speak on this solemn day. As a severely injured worker it means the world to me for the support that has been given by the injured workers community and labor. We are gathered today to honor those that have fallen or have been injured on the job, BUT we must also remember the families whose lives are forever compromised. We must truly ask ourselves why we are here today. Is it just to pay our respect for those fallen or injured on the job, OR are we here to implement change how society views the acceptability of the true dangers that face workers everyday on the job.

Nov 9 2010, I realize this date doesn’t mean anything to anyone in this room, But for my family it’s a date that has changed our lives forever, I went to work in order to provide for my family and make their lives a little better.  As a result of this, I was injured on the job. Unfortunately people think if a worker is either killed or injured on the job their lives or their family lives will be taken care of and able to eventually move on. I can speak from experience. The reality of this misconception is furthest from the truth. The true results are it will last a lifetime. Unfortunately corporations continue to go on with little to no repercussions after a workplace accident due to government legislations and policies that affect the everyday worker. Yet the worker and their families will spend a lifetime dealing with the devastation of both financial and mental hardship due to the reductions of injured worker benefits.

   As a severely injured worker and as terrible as this sounds, I am envious of those workers killed on the job, due to the lack of support from our government and the torture my family has to suffer through both mentally and financially every day.

 Our government has come out with a new slogan “ OPEN FOR BUSINESS” but we must look in the mirror and ask ourselves how much  “BLOOD , SWEAT AND TEARS” must we SACRIFICE  to be open for business, cause personally I gave to the point that now death is the only glimmer of hope that I have left. Fortunately my family and the community of injured workers help me keep that dark side of my life in check most days.

Thank you again for allowing me to tell my story.