Presumptive Work Relatedness & COVID 19

Campaign to recognize Presumptive Work Relatedness and COVID 19

Day of Mourning Statement by NDP Leader Andrea Horvath April 28, 2020

NDP to table bill to give all essential workers presumptive WSIB coverage for COVID-19

Today, I stand in Solidarity with workers across Ontario and Canada in marking and especially solemn and painful National Day of Mourning.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have essential workers in our hearts, including health care workers and public health staff, first responders, pharmacy and grocery store staff, farmers, truckers and supply chain workers. We are filled with sorrow for people who have been infected at work, and we mourn the loss of workers who have died from this terrible virus.

On this Day of Mourning, I’m launching the fight to ensure that all workers during this pandemic have presumptive WSIB coverage for COVID-19. Both for the virus itself, and for the trauma, PTSD and mental health challenges that may come after it. Thanks to the hard work of the NDP Labour critic for Workplace Health and Safety, Wayne Gates, the NDP will table a private member’s bill to accomplish that, because no essential worker should have to fight to prove this illness was contracted at work.

Full statement can be found below:

Link to OFL Power of Many website to send a letter to your MPP to support the Private Members Bill:

The Ontario Network of Injured Workers has launched an online petition please consider signing and sharing the information with your friends and families.